Times University Bangladesh is a Government approved private university which has been founded by Times University Trust, a non-political, non-profit voluntary organization. This university got approval on 16th June 2013 from the Government of Bangladesh. It has been founded with the aims to spread the scope of quality higher education among the students of the southern part of the country within affordable cost. Times University Bangladesh is an independent private university with the power and authority to provide education and to award degrees and certificates in different branches of knowledge. It has been founded with the motto to contribute national development through producing potential human resources.


Our mission is to achieve the goals of higher education and of sustainable economic growth in the country through a two-way relationship between community and university.


Our vision and mission are designed to create an academic environment conducive to cater to the demand for higher education for the deserving students with moderate means of family incomes. Our goals are to produce graduates of international standards within the local environment, with knowledge and relevant skills to provide leadership in enterprise, public service and welfare; encourage and support useful research; create knowledge; and provide further learning opportunities for adults. We are committed to provide the kind of education that is appropriate for the students in the 21st century.


Under Graduate Programs

1)Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
2)Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/LLB (Hons)
3)Bachelor of English (Hons)
4)Bachelor of Social Science in Economics (Hons)
5)Bachelor of Social Science in Social Work (Hons)

Graduate Programs

1)Master of Business Administration (MBA)
2)Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Executive )
3)Master of Laws (LLM)
4)Master of English
5) Masters of Social Science in Economics
6) Masters of Social Science in Social Work


Sharif M. Afzal Hossain


Sharif M. Afzal Hossain was born on 1st January, 1950 in a respectable Muslim family of Sharif Bari in the village of Khoda Bushpur at Madhukhali upazilla under the district of Faridpur. He obtained M.A.(SS) & LL.B degree from Dhaka University & TCC from Japan. SSC from the Netherlands and certificate of IVP from USA . Besides he obtained different International Course Certificates from Singapore,Taiwan, South Korea,Thailand, India,Hongkong and Malaysia.
Sharif M. Afzal Hossain was a distinguished Student Leader in the sixties. He was VP of Student Union of Rajendra College, Faridpur and Central Student Leader including Dhaka University. He was a distinguished Freedom Fighter and one of the Organisers of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. He was also forefront Organizer in difference important national Movements in the sixties and offered Leadership at different levels.
Sharif M. Afzal Hossain was associated in polities with legendaries like Moulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani, Shahid Sharwardi, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, General A.G Osmani and others. Sharif M. Afzal Hossain left politics from 1969 and become popular in both national & international arena as non partisan neutral man & Business Leader. He earned name and fame as distinguished Organizer, Writer, Resource Person, Media personality and good Orator.
Sharif M. Afzal Hossain being only son becomes very much popular for his Leadership since School age as Captain. His father late Mohammad Sadruddin Sharif was a man of Social repute and community leader. His Mother late Mosammat Momejan Nessa was kind hearted and Pious.In the early seventies after Liberation Sharif M. Afzal Hossain as first generation industrialist and Businessman started business through setting up of Industries and Trading Companies. He is Chairman of joint venture industries and other local Group of Concerns. Sharif M. Afzal Hossain is associated with different National & International Organizations and Forums.
Permanent address : Vill: Khoda Bushpur , P.O. Karakdi, U.Z. Madhukhali,
Dis: Faridpur, Bangladesh.
Permanent Adress in Dhaka : House # 17, Road #02, Sector#09,
Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Profession : Business
Office Adress : Shahnawaz Bhaban
2nd Floor, Suite 4, 9/C, Motijheel C/A
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Phone: +8802-9563177, Fax: +8802-9567120
Email: sharif.afzal91@gmail.com
Cell: +880-1817649669 & 1938159644
* Spain Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SBCCI), a foreign joint chamber to develop bilateral business activities in between Bangladesh & Spain.
* CDPHR (Center for Democracy Practice Human Rights), an NGO for the development of democracy practice, Protect Human Rights and economic unliftment for the unprivileged citizens.
* Economic Forum of Bangladesh (EFB), a private sector forum represented by businessesmen, experts, planners, journalists and different professionals to promote economic development in Bangladesh.
* Greater Faridpur Samity, an old organization represents Greater Faridpur district which includes different new district (Rajbari, Gopalganj, Madaripur, Faridpur and Sariatpur) at Dhaka.
Vice President
* APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation) Bangladesh Friendship Society


*Bangladesh Chamber of Industries (BCI), a national chamber of Bangladesh representing foreign, private and public sector industries, all manufacturing enterprises, different manufacturing associations, service sectors like insurance companies, hotels, tourism, banks and other financial institutions.
*Canada Bangladesh Economic Friendship (CBEF)
*Bangladesh Specialized Textile Mills & Power loom Industries Association (BSTMPIA). A government recognized national association for all over the Bangladesh
*APO Society for Bangladesh, an alumni association of the participants in project sponsored by the Asian Productivity Organization, an international organization which aims at enhancing productivity of member countries with its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan.
* Founder and Sr. Vice President, Bangladesh Specialized Textile Mills & Power Loom Industries Association (BSTIMPA)
*Member, Governing Body of the Board of Investment (BOI) & National Environments Committee (NEC) Headed by honorable Prime Minister of the Government Republic of Bangladesh.
*Member, Governing Body of Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) Headed by Honorable Commerce Minister of GOB.
*Member, Different Special Committees constituted different times by the Government of Bangladesh.
*Member, Consultative Committees on Export & Import headed by honorable Commerce Minister and Council Committee of Bangladesh Standard & Testing Institute (BSTI) and National Productivity Organization (NPO) Headed by Honorable Minister of Industries of the Govt. of the Bangladesh.
*Member Advisory Committee on Port & Shipping Headed by Honorable Minister for Shipping of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Member Foreign Investment Corporation (FTC) Headed by Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Member Organizing Committee of Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) Headed by the Secretary of Minister of Commerce of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Member, Textile Consultative and Advisory Committee Headed by Honorable Minister for Textile of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Member, High-powered Advisory Committee on Industry and Trade Headed by Honorable Minister for Commerce and the Minister of Industries of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Member, Industrial policy Committee Headed by Honorable Minister for Industries of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Member, High powered Industrial Land Committee Headed by Honorable Minister for Housing & Public works of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Member, Bangladesh Licensing Board of Ministry of Commerce in the office the CCI&E of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Member , Standing Committee of national Council for Industrial Development (NCID) Headed by Honorable former President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in eighties.
*CIP (Commercial Important Person) of the Government of Bangladesh Member.
*Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI)
*Bangladesh Chamber of Industries (BCI)
*Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI)
*Rotary Club.
*SAPPRI National Steering Committee.
*WIPO Seminar of Intellectual Property Rights held at Phuket, Thailand in 1989.
*APO Seminar on Management of SME’s held in Tokyo in 1993.
*Taiwan National Productivity Organization Seminar on Material Handling held at Taipei, Taiwan in 1994.
*CBI Seminar on Export promotion from LDCs to developed countries held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1994.
*Singapore Productivity Organization (SPO) seminar on Professional Efficiency in Business Management held at Singapore in 1995.
*Led Bangladesh Delegation to FKI Business Conference of Asia-pacific Business Leaders held in Seoul, Korea in 1995.
*Led Bangladesh Delegation and attended SPCWB International Conference on Search for avenues in increasing Productivity in the changing Economic scenario held at Calcutta, India in Feb, 1999.
*Session Chairman of International Seminar on Productivity & Wage linkage held at Dhaka in April 1999 Organized by GOB, NPO & ILO.
*Session Chairman of International Seminar on Globalization: Meeting Challenges of New Millennium held at Dhaka in May, 1999 Organized by BCI & BABMA.
*Participated International Seminar on Top Forum Management held in Oct. 1999 at Tokyo, Japan Jointly Organized by Asian Productivity Organization and the Govt. of Japan.
*Chairperson of a national seminar on productivity movement in Bangladesh held in 1999 at Dhaka.
*Key Note Speaker of the Seminar on the Role of WTO Organized by Asian University held in May, 2000 at BIAM, Bangladesh.
*Chairperson of a national Workshop on ‘’Human Resource Development for productivity Enhancement’’ organized by Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI) and NPO, Ministry of Industry of GOB held in 2001 at Dhaka.
* Article on Globalization Published in the Daily News Paper- Bangladesh Observer.
* Article on (I) The Role of BOI and (2) Workforce Reduction in the Enterprise Published in the Daily News Paper- The Financial Express.
* Article on Privatization of SOEs published in the Daily News Paper- The Independent.
* Writer of published Books on Poetry, Lyrics, Rimes, Novels, Journey Books, Articles, Child Literature etc.
* As writer of literature his name and background are incorporated in the prestigious publication WRITERS DIRECTORY of BANGLA ACADEMY.
Attended a 3-Week International Visitor Program on invitation of US Government sponsored by USIA for a Multi-regional Project called Globalization of Business and Markets held from April 16 to May 08, 1998. The Program was performed in different States of USA including Washington D.C., New York, North California, Dallas, Loredo, Florida, Texas, Los-Angeles, Slyatol etc. It also included the visit to Mexico to observe the effect of NAFTA implementation. The program also included the visit and exchange of opinion with honorable Congress and Senate members of U.S.A Leading international Business Leaders and persons of repute from other 23 countries took part in the prestigious program.
* NAJIR Gold Medal ’97 for industrial promotion.
* Poet Sufi Motahar Hossain Academy Gold Medal 2001 for Social welfare contribution, Bangladesh.
* Nirnay Shilpi Gosthi Gold Medal 2002 for Literature, Bangladesh.
* WIPO (A UN body) Certificate, Thailand.
* APO (Asia Productivity Organization) Certificate from Tokyo.
* NPO Certificate from Taiwan.
* SPO Certificate from Singapore.
* CBI Certificate from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
* FKI Certificate from Seoul, Korea.
* TEMS Certificate from Japan.
* IVP Certificate from U.S.A.
* Fakir Lalon Shah Literature Award, Bangladesh.
Has close intimacy with mass Media
*Interviews and statements on different issues are massively covered through newspaper, journals, periodicals, Radio and Television.
* Attraction to local and Foreign Reporters as source of news.
* Actively associated in different Socio-Cultural and business forum at home and abroad.


* Led trade team to Vietnam at the invitation of Vietnamese Government in 1987.
* Led Business delegation to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Japan in 1991.
* Led trade mission to Europe, USA and Canada in 1992.
* Led business delegation to Malaysia and Singapore in 1993 and 1997.
* Participated as a member of Bangladesh Prime Minister’s entourage for state visit to Japan in 1997.
* Led business delegation to India in 1997.
* Led Bangladesh delegation to Korea in 1998.
* Led Bangladesh delegation to Japan in 1998.
*Fr. Director, Bangladesh Shilpa Bank (BSB), a leading industrial development financial institution of the govt. of Bangladesh.
*Fr. Director, Agrani Bank, one of the largest nationalized commercial bank of the govt. of Bangladesh.
*Founding Director, World Bank financed infrastructure development company (IDCOL), a development financial institution of the government of Bangladesh.
*Participants in national policy formulation consultative committees of National Board of Revenue (NBR) headed by the honorable Minister for finance of the Govt. of Bangladesh.
*Participated abroad as leader and member of international delegation in many forums ESCAP, WPO, UNIDO, APO, UNDP, CBI, GBOC, JETRO, KOTRA, ILO, ICC, WTO & FKI.
*Speaker on various national & international issues in the programmers of radio and television.
*Resource person of various training programmers on Entrepreneurs Development, Industrial Management, Products marketing and Industrial Relations etc. of different National & International Organizations.
Widely travelled abroad including USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Middle East, Far East, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and other countries of the world.
Happily married with Begum Shakhawat Banu, M. Com, (Accounting) D.U. Grand daughterof Jamider Abdul Aziz Mia of Baikhir, Faridpur and blessed with the lone Meritorious daughter university teacher Sanjida Rahman Reema B Com. (Hons), M. Com,D.U. & MBA,NSU,Dhaka.
* Founder & Chairman, Times University Bangladesh.
* Founding chairperson, Northern College, Dhaka.
* Founding Member, Harvard English Medium School, Dhaka.
* Founding Trustee, Northern University, Bangladesh
* Founder: 1. Momejan Nessa Orphanage & Madrasa, 2. Baitul Sharif Jame Mosque, 3. Uttaran Club for development, at Khoda Bushpur, Madhukhali, Faridpur, 4. Founding Adviser, Anuprash – an old literary and cultural organization based in home and abroad.
* Born as lone son in a respectable Muslim Sharif Family of Faridpur district in Bangladesh.
* Was elected V.P. of Faridpur Rajendra College Student Union.
* Was Convenor of All party Student Action Committee (SAC) on the pre-independent period.
* Was a distinguished student leader in the Sixties and led different mass movements.
* Was a distinguished political leader till the end of Seventies.
* He is a valiant freedom fighter and forefront organizer of Independence Was of Bangladesh and one of the first National Flag hoister of the independent movement started in the Dhaka University campus in 1971.
* Role in Liberation War is incorporated in the Book of History of Bangladesh independence. The incorporation is recorded in the page 542-545 in the 9th Book (Arms struggle and defense) of sixteenth composite national history of Bangladesh.
* Well linked with the bureaucrats, Social & political elites in home and some legendary personalities in abroad.
* Writer of books & articles.
* Attractive and popular person in home and some in abroad and other places.
* Activities as Business Leader have widely infused dynamism into socio-economic and political arenas in Bangladesh.














Professor Dr. A.H.M. Aktarul Islam



(Under process for appointment by the Hon’able President)


Adviser and Controller of Examinations

Professor ABM Satter



Professor Alauddin Mollah


Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Muhammad Kamruzzaman


Dean of the Faculty of Law

Md. Nannu Mian



Professor A.H.M. Ishaque Miah

Admission Officer

Md. Abir Hossain Didar

Assistant Librarian & Lab (Inchagre)


Md. Afzal Hossain







Department of Business Administration


Dr. Muhammad Kamruzzaman

B.Com (Hon) in Finance, DU

M.Com in Finance, DU

PhD in Finance & Banking, IU


Md. Nasim Uddin

BBA in Management, RU

MBA in Management, RU


Abdur Rakib Nayeem


M.Sc in Marketing, IIUM

PhD Fellow, IIUM


Department of Law


Professor Dr. Md. Shahjahan Mondol 



Professor Dr. Reba Mondol






Md. Nannu Mian

LLB (Hons.) – SEU


PhD in Law (Fellow) – IU

UGC Award-2013


Krishna Rani Das

LLB (Hons.) – PAU



Mowrin Rahman

LLB (Hons.) – RU



Md. Arifuzzaman 

LLB (Hons.) – IU



Adv. Enayat Hossain

LLB (Hons.) – DU



Department of English


Professor Dr. A.H.M. Aktarul Islam



Arifur Rahman

MA in English Language (By Research)-UPM, Malaysia

MA in English Language (Course Work) – KU

BA in English Language & Literature (Hons.) –NUB